NOVEMBER! (✿◠‿◠)
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Assalamualaikum and Hi people!
It's been so while after i didn't update anything because busy with school, exam and yeah, twitter. Sorry blog /sigh/ So how's your day guys? I'm in the holiday mood that actually we gave early holiday because of SPM and STPM. Goodluck and break a leg to my oppas and eonnies! I know you guys can do better than before. It's your future ^^

And how about my result? Tbh, my goal or target is 4A. But i just got some of them and it's still 2A :'/ Sejarah and Agama Islam sharing the same score; 86. BM and KH i score B and wth i didn't satisfied at all with my BM score :( Yeah i got C too. Geografi. The boring subject ever in my life. Still waiting for English, Science and Math result. But, i alr give up with my Math. I didn't want to know. 

It's school holiday but i still have to go school. Yeah because of that damn pbs ruining my mood. Aigoo but it's still okay because i can meet my classmates aka bestfriends aka kpoppers.

I'll wish and give some 'speech' to my friends birthday although it's past already hehe.

4th November
Hi @jeonjuju, Nata! Happy birthday! You're 18 now hehehe you're older than me but you called me MUM. And your daddy is junmyeon. I will not forget about this till the end of my life otl. You know what? Maybe we're just a twitter friend that love kpop but what i feel is, you're my bestfriend. I keep wishing and hoping that we'll meet someday. Malaysia and Indonesia not so far right? Thankyou for everything. I mean like you could understand me, tweet me everyday. You're kind and i hope you'll not forget me hm i scared about that. Because some of my twitter friends do forget me. If you're infront of me now, i'll hug you like there's no tomorrow and maybe i'll call you unnie because i really want to have one. I would buy you cake or present. One day okay? I love you ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

5th November
Hi @Hyemi_elements, Fatin! My classmate and bestfriend. Happy birthday! You're getting older now. Hehehe and hope you like my present. For the first time i saw you in class, you look really shy and quite. But kpop unite you and me. That's great! You loves too many kpop groups till i don't know who's your ultimate bias. L, zelo, lay, chen, hongbin and many more. Sometimes you're funny. Sometimes you'll sad all of sudden without reason. You're weird but i don't care because i love you. Remember you're maknae among us, your bestfriend. So, keep being our maknae forever k? (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

6th November
Hi Wu Yi Fan. Wait. You're not my friend? But it's your birthday today! Saengil chukha hamnida oppa/appa! My top 3 in exo list. Manly and handsome. Hehehe stay cool and talented. Exostans love you so much. Without you, EXO will not complete. Thankyou my baby giant for everything. I wonder what other members prepare for you? Hahaha maybe suho will treat you something right- Have a blast and take care! xoxo (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc) 

YTMA. The Youtube Music Awards. Guess who won the video of the year? It's my unnies, Girls' Generation, SNSD! Congratulations girls! I feel so proud of them jinjja. They beat all the hollywood artist! I'm so happy. You guys deserve it. SONE, you've done the best! Thankyou for voting. Thanks to all kpoppers who vote for SNSD too! Yeah, we're family and we did it. Ily guys so much <3 And here some of tiffany's picture received le awards and at the red carpet ^^ you're great fany i love you so much!!

[From. SOOYOUNG] 소원~~♥
감동의 하루를 선물해 줘서 고맙습니다^^♥
덕분에 소시는 늘 외로울 틈이 없네요..히히
소원 덕분에 자랑스러운 타이틀 하나 더 달았어요!!
이렇게 기쁠 수가 없습니다…^^




다시 한 번

thank u so much for all your support and love^-^♥
지금은 소녀시대!!

[TRANS by Kymmie]

[Korean parts]
Thank you for giving me/us this touching day as a gift^^♥
Thanks to you, Soshi never feels lonely.. hehe
Thanks to SONE, we gained another title that we can be proud of!!
I’m so unbelievably happy…^^

[Jap parts]

Also, to be together with SONEJAPAN today during such a happy time,

to be able to spend time together, I was really happy.
Everyone, thank you♥

Once again,

thank u so much for all your support and love^-^♥
Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation!!

That's all for today. Thanks for reading! Bye & annyeong~

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